Friday, May 4, 2012

Making my own "Diaper Buggy"

I am putting together a baby shower for a dear friend and wanted to do something a bit different than the traditional "diaper cake" so I decided to do a little research... okay, okay I searched Pinterest for ideas.... anyways, I found this sort of idea selling for anywhere from $12.50 to $30.00.  Well anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT going to purchase anything that I can possibly make on my own for a fraction of the cost!
If you still don't want to make your own contact me and I'll make one for you for only $10 :)
I was shocked at how easy this really was!

What you will need:
14 diapers (I used size 2)
1 piece of fabric, about 4X6
Rubber Bands or scotch tape (I used tape)
Ribbon of your choice
1 piece of tissue paper
Cereal box
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces out of the cereal box, one that is about 4X6 inches and the other 4X12.
Step 2: Take the 1st piece of cardboard (4X6) and place it inside the folded diaper.  Place a dot of hot glue to hold the diaper in place.  (This will be referred to later as piece 1)

You can see the black tissue paper in the middle
Step 3: Take the 2nd piece of cardboard and place inside another open diaper, again place a few dots of hot glue on the ends to hold the diaper in place.  Crumple the tissue paper and place in the "butt" part of the diaper to create the puffy top look.  (This will be referred to later as piece 2)
Step 4: Take 10 diapers and turn sideways, using either a rubber band or scotch tape (I like the tape because it doesn't show as much) and secure the diapers together.  (this will be referred to as piece 3)

Step 5: Attach piece 1 to piece 3 (as pictured) using hot glue.  Give the glue a minute to dry before moving on to the next step, I tell you from experience this will save you a headache!
This is a shot of the back of the "buggy"

Step 6:  Bend piece 2 over piece 3 to form the cover, using hot glue attach at the sides.  (I forgot to take a picture of this step while I was making it, so of course yours won't have the ribbon yet!)
Step 7:  Roll two diapers starting with the waist part of the diaper and secure with hot glue or a rubber band (I used glue because I didn't want it to show)

Step 8: Attach the two rolled up diapers to the bottom of the buggy to make the wheels.

Step 9:  Use the fabric to make cover the "bed" part of the buggy.

Step 10:  This is the part where you really make it your own. Use any combination of ribbon to decorate the buggy for either a boy or girl and/or the color or theme of the nursery.

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  1. It is informative post. In this use of combination of ribbon just amazing. Everything is perfect of making this buggy. I impressed by that.

    Fuzzi Bunz

  2. I was under the impression, that everything in a diaper cake, was to be used on the new baby. That being said, doesn't the tape, etc tear the diapers when removed?