Friday, February 24, 2012

Coldcalm, does it really work?

In a word, YES!  I don't normally do many "product review" type posts, but I simply MUST brag on this product!  It is homeopathic and all natural, which I like, but more importantly, I used it and it works!  
Yesterday morning I started to feel sick, by last night I felt like death!  Which is all the more horrible because this is my anniversary weekend, plus I have plans with some girlfriends from church.  So, needless to say, being sick would put a real damper on my plans!  I followed the directions on the box and this morning, voila!  I'm feeling a million times better!  And all the better, it is on sale at CVS this week for $6.99 and you get $6.99 ECB!  This is the perfect time to get some and try it out for yourself, but hurry sale ends Sunday!

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