Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Swagbucks Decoded!

There have been a few changes to Swagbucks lately, so I thought I'd update this post I brought you back in August. 
I'm sure you have seen my posts and links for Swagbucks, and maybe wondered how all this works.  Well here ya go, step by step how to get great freebies from Swagbucks!

1.  What are Swagbucks?
     Swagbucks is a search engine that can be used just like Google.  The difference is that Swagbucks rewards you for using their site.  They randomly give you "SwagBucks" in varying denominations for using their search engine.  When you accumulate your Swagbucks over a period of time you can then trade them in for prizes such as gift cards as well as merchandise.  My favorite is the Amazon gift card, but you can also get PayPal gift cards if you prefer cold hard cash!

2.  How do you earn Swagbucks?
     Swagbucks can be earned many different ways.  The main way is as described before, by searching.  However that is random and not everyone searches the Internet every day.  So here are a few ways to definitely earn a few bucks daily.
       A) The daily Poll: Swagbucks holds a poll daily and all you have to do is give your opinion and earn yourself a buck for giving it!
       C)  NOSO (No obligation special offers):  By simply scrolling through the available offers you can earn two bucks a day.  You do not have to accept any of the offers or sign up for anything to receive your offers.
       D)  Trusted Surveys:  You can take one survey a day, even if you don't qualify or if they are over their quota limit, you will get one Swagbuck for each attempted survey! (up to 5 a day)
Now that being said, there are ways to earn even more swagbucks
       A) Daily Deals:  If you would like to take advantage of special deals on online merchandise you can earn extra Swagbucks for your order.
       B)  Tasks:  You can complete online tasks to earn Swagbucks
       C)  SBTV:  You can watch videos and watch your meter grow, when you get to 100% you will get 3 Swagbucks!  You can do this multiple times per day.
       D)  Games:  You can play games on Swagbucks to earn random Swagbucks as well as prizes.
       E)  Trade In:  If you have old cell phones, books and other things laying around your house you may be able to trade them in for Swagbucks!
       F)  Trusted Surveys:  You can take surveys to earn Swagbucks.  This page is updated and surveys are added several times a day so check back throughout the day to see if you qualify for a survey to get big Bucks!

The Swag Gal and Swag Guy will also play a little game of hide-n-seek from time to time and have a SwagCode hunt.  You can follow the clues to get the code then enter the code in the Gimme Box to earn Swagbucks!

I have a "Swidget" on the lower right hand side of my page, at any given time you can click "Swag Code" to check if there is an available code.  Sometimes the Swag Gal and Guy will be nice and simply post a code on their blog or facebook page and make it really easy!

Now are you ready to get started?  You get 30 Swagbucks simply for signing up so head on over to Swagbucks and sign yourselves up!!!

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