Friday, January 6, 2012

Vacuum Sealer

My mother is the Food Saver queen of the world.  That woman puts EVERYTHING in a food saver bag!  I always thought she was crazy when I was growing up.  I remember thinking..... use a zipper bag for goodness sake and move on with it! 
Now that I'm all grown up and my mother has given me a Food Saver of my own I know better!  I keep my Food Saver on my counter and use it almost daily. 
What is the difference in a Food Saver bag and a zipper bag you ask... well I'm glad you did!  The difference is day and night!  A Food Saver system removes all the air from the bag then seals it.  Anyone who has spent any time in the kitchen knows that air and the moisture in it is the main component for spoiled and molded food.  It is virtually impossible to remove all the air from a zipper bag yourself. 
So, what do you use the Food Saver for exactly?  I use mine for the obvious things like frozen meat and vegetables.  But I use it for so much more than that.  I keep my dry yeast in one and keep it in the freezer, this makes the yeast last for a very long time!  I also make my own chicken stock and french onion soup for recipes and freeze them in 1 cup individual bowls, then keep them frozen in bags.
When you have left overs you can put them in divided plates and freeze them in Food Saver bags and voila... homemade TV dinners!
Homemade bread is perfect for freezing and having ready in a flash!  I make up several loaves around the beginning of the winter and keep them in the freezer, any time company pops in for the holidays I always have fresh bread on hand!
The bags are microwave and dishwasher safe; you can even boil them!  Not only that, they can be washed and reused!  How's that for frugality?
As you can see the possibilities are endless for this wise investment.  The unit and the bags can be found at Wal-Mart, Target and places like that, or they can be ordered online.  There are even store brands available for the bags and "Seal A Meal" has it's own version of the unit available.  They sell for anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the bells and whistles you want with it. 
I highly recommend it to all my fellow frugal friends!

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