Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Free Full Length Disney Movies and more!

I am probably WAYYYY behind on this information, but surely I'm not the LAST person to learn this..... but did you know you can watch full length movies on YouTube???  I had no idea!  I am very picky about what I allow little princess to watch and I was flabbergasted when we turned on the Disney Channel and began watching a TV show (I don't remember what it was called) but I remember that it was full of pre-teen kids with very smart allek mouths and not an adult anywhere to be found.  I immediately turned the TV off and began asking myself, "Why doesn't Disney show the old classics and good children's programs like they used to?"  Well, clearly there was no one here to actually answer that question for me so I decided to take my search online and discovered that there are a plethora of educational, as well as wholesome videos on YouTube that you can watch for FREE!  Yesterday I found a super cheesy but informational video to show her for our special "Columbus Day" unit for school.  It was full of catchy little songs and tons of information.  I actually gave her a little quiz after she finished watching it and sure enough she did absorbs most of the information!  So log on and see what you can find!!

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  1. I know *exactly* what you mean about the children's/pre-teen programming on what should be 'safe' networks. My kiddo started being sassy, dangerously sassy, and saying age inappropriate things (no 8 yr old should be throwin' around 'hawt' and 'that sucks'). Where is she getting this nonsense?! Duh!! The evening shows she watches while I cook dinner!! Thanks for the YouTube info! We'll certainly check it out!