Friday, March 9, 2012

Household uses for Bananas

Banana peels were once only good for a good laugh when someone slipped on them... well no more!  I have heard that they could be used to remove warts, so I decided to find out what else they could be used for and was shocked!  This underutilized treasure has several household uses, here are just a few!

1.  As previously mentioned, the enzymes in a banana peel will help dissolve a wart.  Simply tape a piece of the peel over the wart daily until the wart is gone.

2.  Use Banana peels (or pureed peels) in your soil to help your garden or house plants grow! Bananas are high in potassium which is wonderful for your soil.

3.  Use the peel to shine your shoes... don't laugh it really works!  The same concept applies to house plants, they will gleam using this technique.

4.  Apply peels to minor cuts or burns as a pain reliever, or apply to bug bites to relieve the itch.

5.  Tape a piece of banana peel on top of a stubborn splinter, the enzymes will force the splinter to the surface and out!

The banana itself may be feeling a little left out about now, so here is a great use for the fruit!

1.  Bananas can be used as a natural face mask.  Simply mash up the banana into a paste then apply to your face and neck.  Let it sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse with cool water.  Your skin will be left smooth and pores will be smaller!

2.  It is rumored that if you add a whole banana to the pan with your pot roast it will prevent it from getting tough!  **NOTE** I have NOT tried this trick myself, although I think I may, it sounds interesting!  


  1. Oh, fantastic tips! I'm definitely trying banana peel as a shoe shine, and my boyfriend has some nasty warts he's been trying to get rid of for a good while. He's been trying rubbing an orange peel over it which hasn't helped very much, some tea tree oil helped a bit but it's still there, so maybe banana peel is next!
    If you're interested in other leftovers you can use in skin care, I wrote a post on that a while back :)

  2. this is very exciting. i am going to peel a banana right now, and for the first time in my life, it's for the peel and not the fruit! my boots are in a sorry state. however, i totally agree with you about banana ice cream being from heaven. i learned to make it by freezing the bananas whole and then blending the amount needed (we like to add a bit of almond butter & carob)... but i hadn't considered blending before freezing. will try that too! thank you for the tips!