Friday, December 9, 2011

Price Matching at WalMart.... To be or not to be

By now I'm sure everyone knows that WalMart will match any other stores advertised sale price.  I have heard several people who say that it is just too much trouble to take advantage of.  Well I say it is absolutely NOT too much trouble!  I do this most of the time, especially now that no stores in my town double or triple coupons anymore.  There are a few things that you will want to do before you take off to shop that will ensure you have a seamless experience.
First: I highly encourage you to print a copy of WalMart's price matching policy and keep it with you.  This way if you run into an issue with a cashier you will have the information you need readily available.
Second: Read and familiarize yourself with the policy before you go shopping.  You will avoid the sticky situation of arguing your point with a cashier only to be proven wrong with your own copy of the policy this way!
Third: Remember that you do NOT have to have the ad with you in order to price match!  This is a common misconseption that people think they have to lug a copy of every single sale ad in order to take advantage of this.  I simply make a list at home making sure that I list the product description (including size), the sale price as well as the store. 
Finally: Be NICE to your cashier!  The old addage is true, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar!  When I get to the register, I place the items on the conveyer in the order I have them on my list so that I'm not searching down my list for a sale price while there is a line of impatient patrons are about to mob me!  Also, I tell the cashier before she begins that I will be price matching, this way she is prepared. 

Just remember, WalMart has this policy because they want you to shop at their stores.  You are not torturing the cashier by taking advantage of this incentive!  But your attitude can torture, so be nice!

Just to give you an idea of what you can save, here are the details of my last trip!

White Bread (4)
WalMart price: $1.00
Albertsons price: $0.69
Saved: $1.24

Sweet-n-Low (2)
WalMart Price $1.74
Albertsons Price $0.77
$0.75/2 manufacturer Q
Saved: $2.69

C&H Sugar (5)
WalMart Price $2.82
Brookshires Price: $2.00
$0.50 manufacturer Q
Saved: $6.60

Blue Bell Ice Cream (2)
WalMart Price: $5.97
Brookshires Price: $3.99
$1.00 manufacturer Q
Saved: $5.96

Shredded Cheese (2)
WalMart Price: $2.32
Brookshires Price: $2.00
Saved: $0.64

International Delight Coffee Creamer (2)
WalMart Price: $2.98
Brookshires Price: $1.79
$0.55 manufacturer Q
Saved: $3.48

Frosted Flakes Cereal
WalMart Price: $2.94
Kroger Price: $1.99
$1/2 manufacturer Q
Saved: $2.90

Total WalMart pricing:        $50.00
Total after Price matching:   $33.84
Coupons:                              -$7.35
Total OOP:                            $26.49

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