Monday, November 28, 2011

Oil-less Turkey Fryer.... they are real!

When my husband told me he spent $100 on an "oil-less" turkey fryer I was sure there had been some misunderstanding.  Not only was oil-less frying an oxymoron, but considering the fact that we already have a turkey fryer I was wondering why my ever so frugal husband would splurge on such extravagance. 

Once he got it home and out of the box (throwing the instructions to the side of course) I discovered that this contraption still uses propane, but sure enough it requires no oil!  It uses "infrared" technology (don't ask me, ask google) to cook the meat, which can be turkey, chicken, roast, pork... even vegetables!  You simply season the meat as you would normally (we use injectable marinade) and place the meat in the included basket.  Then you turn the cooker on and follow the instructions in the included cookbook for cooking times, turkey is 10 minutes per pound.  Although it does take a bit longer than a conventional turkey fryer, it is still faster than cooking it in the oven and OH MY GOODNESS, this was the juiciest turkey I have ever eaten.

We bought ours at Lowe's for $99 but they are sold just about anywhere at varying prices.  The really good thing about this cooker is that it does not require peanut oil, which we all know is expensive!  The large container of oil that we would normally buy is $30, so this will pay for itself within 3  uses!  You can also purchase accessories from the manufacturer such as a tray that you can use for vegetables, hamburger patties or cut meat.  It can also be used as a rotisserie!

I can't wait to put this to good use! 

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