Friday, November 18, 2011

Save BIG when Buying Meat

Do you gasp every time you hear the cashier gives you the total at the grocery store? 

A huge part of most people's grocery bill is the cost of meat.  There is no doubt that meat is expensive, but there are ways to cut that portion of your grocery bill significantly. 

1.  Most grocers discount meat that is nearing it's expiration date at least once a week.  I recommend you call or visit your local grocery store's butcher and ask him/her when they typically put discounted meat out.  Now, granted this meat is not going to last much longer in it's current condition.  The trick is to do one of two things; either buy something that you can use within 48 hours, or you can immediately freeze the meat and it can be saved for weeks if not months.
On my last grocery trip I was able to score some discounted meat, here is what I got:  (5) Sirloin pork chops, (2) London Broil Steaks, (3)Boneless tenderized arm Steaks and (4) Texas country style boneless beef ribs.  I paid a total of $20.71 for it all!  That is at least 5 meals worth of meat at just over $4.00 a meal!

2.  Look through grocery store circulars each week and only buy the meat that is on sale.  Plan your meal menu around what you have in your freezer, not what sounds good for that moment.  For example, a month or so ago my local grocers must have had a meeting and decided that they all had too much chicken on hand because for three weeks in a row I was able to get whole chickens at incredibly low prices.  It encouraged me to go out in search of new recipes and be a bit more adventurous with my menu, and now we have a couple of new family favorites because of it!

Hope I was able to help cut your grocery bill a bit!  I gotta go now, headed to pay my butcher friend a visit! 
Be Blessed Ya'll

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