Friday, June 24, 2011

Cheap Corn on the cob!

I went to Wal Mart on Loop 281 today looking to comp the Albertson's ad for corn on the cob at 10 ears for $3.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Wal Marts regular price at .15 per ear!!!  Yes FIFTEEN CENTS an ear!!!  It was good big corn on the cob too!!  If you are in Longview today go check it out.  You may want to check other area Wal Marts to find out if they have the same price.
I bought 21 ears (was planning on an even 20 but Brooke must have snuck an extra one  in on me!).  I'm planning on freezing it for future use.  This is where the Frugal Friday post comes in!  I learned (just today) that you can freeze fresh corn several ways.  You can shuck it, which means remove the outer layer and the "silk" from around the corn and place it in freezer bags (or better yet your Food Saver bags!) and freeze.  You can also pre-cook it and freeze it cooked for even faster serving time later.  Another way is to cut it off the cob and freeze it for whole kernel corn later... again, either raw or pre-cooked.

Another tip I learned from Mother dearest today is that when you boil the corn to let it boil on the cob slowly for at least two hours.  She said that it will be more tender and come off the cob easier that way! 
My sweet friend Melody also says that grilling it with the husks still on (remove the silk and replace the husks) is super good!  She says to add cilantro butter to it!  Yummo!!!
Happy Shucking everyone!!

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